Hydraulic Press Brake


‘ANASUYA’ HYDRAULIC C-FRAME PRESS MACHINES consist of sturdy steel welded structure, and are comes with inbuilt hydraulic power pack. This machine is easy to install, easy to operate, highly efficient, and cost efficient. The machine we provide has standard accessories, such as advanced 2 speed control, fully adjustable sroke length through limit switches. Besides, the operator is a friendly system, so you can handle the pressure control enclosure C frame press machine in a short time. The C frame press can be used for variety of functions including bending, straightening, pressing, coining, deep drawing, assembling, riveting, and molding.

Standard Features / Accessories (including / Supplied with Machine):-

  • Main drive motor.
  • Hydraulic power pack unit
  • Presure guage.
  • Electric control panel with selection of 'inch'   ‘single cycle’ mode operation.
  • Stroke control by means of limit switches.
  • Adaptor. (punch holder).

Optional features that can be provided are;

  • Die cushions
  • Ejectors
  • Blank holder
  • Mechanical knock-outs
  • Shock absorbers
  • Quick die change systems.
  • Coil feed lines Transfer systems
  • Loaders, unloaders, rotary/linear tables, etc.
  • Electro pneumatics’ user-friendly relay logic/PLC/CNC controls with advanced diagnostic capabilities for process optimization and sequence setting