Coil Processing Machine Line

'ANASUYA' - offers a broad range of Coil Processing Machines, Let it be;

  • Cut To Length Line
  • Slitting Line
  • Roll forming Line
  • Auto - Welding Line
  • Press Feed lines

Our, De-coiler, coil loading car, leveler/straightner, shear, feeder, slitter, & folding machines can be integrated into any type of press feed systems, coil preparation lines for roll forming line, slitting line, Robotic welding line and cut-to-length line. These can also be incorporated in any of the running Coil processing lines.

Selection range is extensive according sheet width, thickness and material quality


  • Decoiler machines are ranges between 500kg to 3000 kg coil loading capacity
  • Jaws expansions hydraulically operated
  • All bearings are reputed make
  • Hydraulic equipments and other brought out items are of internationally reputed make
  • Coil car carrier-optional


  • Straightner consist of 7 straightening, 2 Pinch rolls
  • Gear driven straightening rolls
  • Pinch by mean of hydraulic system
  • Efficient automatic material feeding equipment, a dramatic increase in productivity is achieved by land up with Uncoiler
  • The rack of input and output to assist and support the material


  • Shearing machines cuts steel and other materials with high accuracy in CUT TO LENGTH LINE
  • It is engineered to perform high quality cuts with a high number of cuts per minute
  • Cutting lengths range from 1350 mm to 4050 mm and poses a cutting capacity of up to 4.5 mm
  • The available options are sheet supports, pneumatic hold down beam, safety guards, adjustable squaring arm and table extension


  • High-precision feeding by means of servo motor & gear drive
  • It is controlled by computer closed-circuit feedback system
  • Hydraulic pinching system
  • Feeding length setting
  • Surface hardended rolls


  • Slitting machine for CR and HR Coils
  • Slitting lines basically consist of coil handling, strip processing and scrap management equipment
  • The lines are composed of high-precision slitters with quick tooling change for slitter, tensioning device and recoiler. High-capacity recoilers . Extraction from coils without banding. Scrap ballers or scrap choppers. Moving tensioning devices with incorporated levelling
  • Slitting Lines are custom designed on the basis of material specification and production capacity
  • Heavy duty design for the Slitter, Leveler and Recoiler makes our slitting lines stand out as one of the best


  • Folding Machines offer tremendous flexibility over conventional Press Brakes while integrating it with Roll formIng line
  • Segmented Tooling with easy & quick Locking System
  • Ideally suited for long sheets with edge bending.Material handling a great comfort as sheet does not get lifted while folding
  • In single loading of sheet, 2 bend, 4 bend or 6 bend Cabinets of different sizes can be folded
  • Unique Gripper System eliminates need for manual gauging during multiple bends on each side

Sensitive sheets like Stainless Steel or pre painted can be folded without scratches