Double Pinch Plate Rolling Machine

'ANASUYA' presents to you a range of most technically advanced 3-ROLL PLATE BENDING MACHINE with all latest features as per international standards.

The Double Pinch series is the most precise 3 roll machine in its category. The design reduces to a minimum the distance between the bending points guaranteeing higher bending accuracy.

The bearing system, incorporating 4 independent bearings for each bending roll is a standard feature of the DP. It guarantees higher reliability (higher capacity of load absorption) and increases the range for tilting the side rolls, resulting in more versatility, when rolling cones.

The Ultra wide roll support with lubrication circuit are mounted over the slides to prevent wear and tear.

Another important standard feature to increase the versatility of the machine is the roll shaft extensions to allow dies to be fitted to bend profile and pipe.

The very high rotation power is a guarantee of the DP superior rolling torque and speed, available without loss of energy as all three rolls are driven independently by hydro-motors and gearboxes directly coupled to the rolls shafts.

Wide Range of Machines

The standard range of 3-roll plate bending machines covers plate thicknesses from 3 mm (1/8”) to 100 mm (4”) and widths from 1 000 mm to 8 000 mm (3’ to 26’). All machines have unique features needed for high precision and versatility:

Prebending of both the leading and trailing edge. In many cases, the remaining fl at end is as short as one time the plate thickness.

Fully hydraulic, infinitely variable speed drive and adjustment of the rolls.

Highest drive torque of any competitive machine.

Frames made of high-strength steel, fully welded and stress relieved before machining to have sufficient strength to absorb bending forces and to achieve highest possible accuracy.

All purpose machine with wide working range.

Excellent for cone bending.