Hydraulic Press Brake

hydraulic deep draw press

'ANASUYA' - HYDRAULIC DEEP DRAWING PRESS are best for use in areas including Deep Drawing Operations, Blanking & Punching, Riveting, Stamping & Pressing, Powder Compacting as well as other applications involving FRP, SMC, DMC, Rubber   Plastics.

Standard features:

  • Available as single, double or triple action presses in C-frame, H-frame, 4-Pillar, Ring frame, straight-sided, 4-column constructions.
  • Torsion and deflection resistant, rigid fabricated press structures, optimized at design stage and manufactured to high quality standards.
  • Accurate, lubricated slide guiding arrangements and pre-stretched tie-rod arrangement in column presses.
  • Various die cushion options like conventional, active, multi-point, etc., programmable to suit application.
  • Powered by high-performance hydraulic systems with conventional, proportional and servo controls.
  • Provided with necessary safety features and on-line monitoring systems.

Optional features that can be provided are;

  • Die cushions
  • Ejectors
  • Blank holder
  • Mechanical knock-outs
  • Shock absorbers
  • Quick die change systems.
  • Coil feed lines Transfer systems
  • Loaders, unloaders, rotary/linear tables, etc.
  • Electro pneumatics’ user-friendly relay logic/PLC/CNC controls with advanced diagnostic capabilities for process optimization and sequence setting