Mechanical Plate Rolling Machine

Mechanical Plate Rolling Machine

'ANASUYA' presents to you a range of most technically advanced MECHANICAL PLATE ROLLING MACHINE with all latest features as per international standards.

Main Structure & Working Principle

  • This machine is manually operated & works on screw-nut principle. The pressing of top roll is droven by means of fine threaded screw provided at both the ends of TOP-roll by means of Tommy bar (supplied with machine).
  • The equipment composed of working parts and drive system two parts .The working parts is composed of right and left bearing plate , one upper roll, two down rolls (material of rolls is EN8 / Forge Steel / Steamer Shaft.), lifting screw and other accessory parts. down rolls drive upper rolls to revolve. Upper rolls can adjust up/down by rotating screw at both the ends. Drive system composed of main motor, main speed reducer gearbox and other accessory parts.
  • Down rolls were drove by main motor and main speed reducer gear, the spindle of main speed reducer drive two down rolls by one group gears, the direction adjusted by the main motor.

Unloading device is used for bending circle type to remove the work piece. while unloading the upper rolls move to up limit position, the balance device on upper rolls ends hit upper rolls to remove the work pie

Standard features / Accessories (including / supplied with machine):-

  • Main Drive Motor (Siemens / Crompton -make)
  • Gear Box (Elecon –make)
  • Drive of Bottom Roll Through Gear Box & Main motor Drive.
  • Manually operated Top Roll Pressing (vertical feeding). through 2-nos Tommy bar (supplied with machine)
  • Roller for Bending Sections (angles, channels, etc)
  • Frame built of laser cut high strength steel, welded, stress relieved and sand blasted.
  • Mechanical opening-end & top roll balancing system
  • Bending rolls assembled on heavy duty Brass bush bearings.
  • Manual lubrication by means of Oil cups provided at lubricating points.

Bending Operations :

  • The Plate can be bent on machine by hammering as shown if the thickness of the plate is half than capacity. Thicker plates should be prevent out side the machine.
  • Place the Plate between bottom and top rolls by adjusting top roll manually.
  • Down the top roll and given pressure on the plate. Then start Main motor in clock wise direction till one end of the plate comes over first bottom roll Reverse the Motors and get second end on second bottom.
  • Continue above process until you et desired shall as shown in picture